Frequently asked questions for Wider Wallet

1. How can I get help if I’ve forgotten my username or password or if my login details don’t appear to work?

Simply click on the link on the home page to obtain a password reminder. If you are having difficulty with your username, or any other issues logging in, please contact us on 0800 612 9015 or email us at and we will be happy to help.

If you are transferring to Wider Wallet from a previous provider, please note you will need to register with Wider Wallet with a new username and password.

2. Where do I find my personal / payroll / employee number to register?

These items are normally shown on your payslip. If you are having difficulty locating this information, please contact your employer.

3. I am registering as a new user, where do I find my access code?

Access codes are unique to each employer. Your access code will be displayed on promotional material supplied to your employer by Wider Wallet. Alternatively, please call us on 0800 612 9015 for your access code.

4. Can I access the benefits even though I don’t have access to a computer?

Some of our offers can be redeemed in-store or via telephone order lines and as such we can give off-line access to those without computers. However, please note the majority of our offers operate online. Please call our helpline on 0800 612 9015 for further assistance.

5. Will I find all the same offers as I had with my previous provider?

We cannot guarantee that you will have access to exactly the same offers and suppliers as you had with your previous provider. However, we have carried out many like-for-like comparisons and strive to provide the best available offers. We have regular reviews with our suppliers to ensure that any special offers or improved discount rates are passed on as quickly as possible. Our team are also constantly working to source additional offers so that the site remains appealing and relevant. We welcome all suggestions from our users, so do get in touch if you would like to suggest a supplier.

6. Can I transfer my cashback balance from my previous provider?

Depending on your previous provider, your existing cashback account may remain available to you or it may become dormant. In general, our recommendation would be for you to withdraw your balance from your existing cashback account as soon as possible. To benefit from our cashback offers, you will need to follow the links on the site to set up a new cashback account. Registration is quick and easy and we are confident that you will enjoy the benefits.

7. Can I reload the gift cards I purchased with my previous provider?

Not all gift cards originate from the same supplier. In order for you to enjoy your gift cards and top-ups at the prevailing discount rate you will need to hold cards which have been linked to Wider Wallet at the point of issue.

8. How long does any balance last on my previous providers cards?

This varies according to the retailer but most cards remain valid for 24 months following their last use.