Voluntary Benefits News and Comment

The new generation of employee benefits

Pay and Benefits magazine highlights key features of the latest generation of voluntary employee benefits. Employers are advised to look for features such as:

  1. Core discounts to improve disposable income.
  2. Integrated wellbeing features to support emotional, financial and physical wellbeing.
  3. Ease of use to ensure employees both engage with and benefit from the service.
  4. Integrated, tax-efficient salary sacrifice schemes to help and improve disposable income.
  5. The ability to combine existing benefits provided by the employer.
  6. Corporate personalisation to build the employer’s brand.

Wider Wallet provides an easy route for employers who are exploring flexible benefits, with extensive marketing and communication support to ensure employees really feel the benefit.

Source: Pay and Benefits Magazine

Is traditional flex always the best way forward?

This article in HR magazine highlights how employers can benefit from implementing corporate branded employee benefits portals, packed with voluntary benefits, as an alternative to traditional flex. With corporate branding throughout and access to a huge range of employee benefits, Wider Wallet fits the criteria perfectly.


Flexible benefit schemes offer better options for a diverse workforce

With employers keen to support an age-diverse workforce, it’s important for flexible benefit schemes to cater for all sectors, as highlighted by this article.

Wider Wallet offers access to an unlimited number of voluntary benefits, from holiday purchase schemes and childcare vouchers through to health cash plans, salary sacrifice car schemes and pension arrangements. Coupled with a huge variety of discounts for everyday and luxury items, Wider Wallet is on trend to meet the demands of diversity.

Source: Pay and Benefits Magazine

Making salaries go further

Pay and Benefits magazine highlights employee discount schemes as being a cost-effective way for employers to make the most of their pay. With Wider Wallet offering ongoing discounts on supermarket shopping, high-street purchases, household expenses and luxury items, it’s no wonder employees can save over £1,000 a year with our scheme.

Source: Pay and Benefits Magazine